Tuesday, March 6, 2012


How do artists move through the world as researchers gathering information and ideas that feed their work?
Everyday, every sunrise, every loud alarm clock allows for a new beginning, a different start, and/or a second chance. Artists, as their profession calls for, are allowed to explore creative outlets that most people are not able to scout on daily basis and if they are lucky at least once a year. Waking up is probably the hardest part of ones day, shaking out the tired limbs and trying to keep both eyes open. But artists wake up and are able to write down dreams or nightmares they have had during the night and then use those in their work. Artists are more observant that everyday people, they have the eye to make something useless into a tool, to create a dull landscape into something brilliant and so on. 

How do I develop artistic behaviors and habits that allow me to process what I’ve gathered to create meaningful works of art?
I am already quite observant but maybe in a different way than a artist. I observe people and am able to get a feel on their habits/who they are very quickly. If I can put my observation skills towards art I am sure I will start to notice more around me, what I could use as material, my next "big" idea, or change up my style in a way that I see fit. I think artists really take their time with their work. That is something I need to work on. I am quite impatient and that often contributes to anything surrounding me.  If I slow down and let life go on without me, it will allow me to perfect the details in my art and finish slowly rather than a speed demon. 

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