Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Statement of Purpose: Project 2

For this project I am going to focus on the Fantasy of Wanderlust. The definition of wanderlust is a strong/irresistible desire to travel. I am going to be honest, I am finishing this today at the end of our double. I tried to think about my drawing last night but nothing came to me. I woke up still exhausted but my project became clearer.  My theme connects in multiple ways. While I have a great desire to travel to other countries, I tried thinking beyond taking a plane, bike, car, bus, boat to another place. As I scrolled through tumblr late last night I thought about SPACE and the time lapse shots I had seen of stars. They are beautiful. I want to recreate that fantasy through mediums such as paint, water colors, and pastels. Two questions I am going to use throughout this project is:
1. how can I create a piece that relays my wonder of space and the stars?
2. is it possible to make a work of art that is magically secretive? like one of the cards i made.
(hidden zebra)

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